About Custom Framing

Anything can be framed! From your latest concert poster, to some ideas you sketched out on a napkin, to your grandmother's collection of spoons: anything can be beautifully displayed in the right frame.

Custom Framing is the art of preserving and presenting artwork to its optimum potential within a sound structure that enables the artwork to be hung on the wall. Because it's custom, that potential is a function of your design, preservation, and budget needs.

Want color? Done! Going for minimalism? Easy. A collaboration between you and one of our skilled designers begins the process of determining your and your item's needs. Our quotes are always free, so bring your artwork in for a quote today!

Why should I Custom Frame my art or object?

There are lots of reasons to Custom Frame an item rather than look for an off-the-shelf frame:

- Preservation of a treasured or valuable work of art or object
- To design the framing to compliment the art and decor of the space
- The art or object is not a standard size
- To keep the framing in proportion to an odd-sized work of art
- High quality workmanship and sound design will last far longer than recycled or lower-quality products available off the shelf!

How will I know the cost?

Bring the artwork in for a Free Quote on a beautiful custom picture frame. Our friendly staff will work with you to create a great design within your budget.