Frequently Asked Questions

What is Custom Framing?
Custom Framing is selecting materials suited to your personal preservation and presentation needs, and the artwork handling necessary to achieve the end result. In other words, making the perfect frame for your artwork or object that you will absolutely love!
What kinds of things can be framed?
Typical Framing Projects Include:

- Paintings - stretching and framing
- Photography - matting and framing
- Traditional Prints on Paper - attachment (suspension with hinges behind the mat; or floating on top of the mat), matting and framing
- Posters - mounting, matting, and framing
- Textiles - sewdown, matting, and framing
- Objects & Memorabilia - layout, object attachment, matting, and framing
That depends on what you're framing:

- Art on Paper Mounting/Attachment, Matting, Glazing (Glass or Acrylic), Frame, Spacers (if artwork is floated), Fitting
- Paintings on Canvas Stretching the painting to stretcher bars, Frame, Fitting
- Photography, Film or Digital Mounting/Attachment (either drymount, spraymount, photo corners, or hinged), Matting, Glazing (Glass or Acrylic), Frame, Fitting
- Poster Art Mounting/Attachment, Matting, Glazing (Glass or Acrylic), Frame, Fitting
How much does Custom Framing cost?
That depends on what is necessary to present and protect your artwork to your requirements. The average Custom Framing job will cost anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00, depending on size and materials used.
How can I save money on my framing?
Using Readymade Frames instead of Custom Frames will save approximately 40% of the frame cost. Bringing in frames you already have for repurposing to new artwork is another way. Using regular glass and mats costs less than archival-quality materials.
How long does it take to Custom Frame my artwork?
Anywhere from same day to three weeks, depending on the complexity of your order and our workload. The average job with one piece into a Readymade Frame is 3-5 days. The average job with multiple pieces into Custom Frames is 2-3 weeks.